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Are you getting the most out of Android? You may not know it, but some of the Google operating systems most useful features may not be in plain view.你的安卓(Android)系统物尽其用了吗?


本文摘要:Are you getting the most out of Android? You may not know it, but some of the Google operating systems most useful features may not be in plain view.你的安卓(Android)系统物尽其用了吗?

Are you getting the most out of Android? You may not know it, but some of the Google operating systems most useful features may not be in plain view.你的安卓(Android)系统物尽其用了吗?你也许还不告诉吧,谷歌(Google)的这个操作系统中一些最简单的功能有可能并不是让人一目了然。This week, I gathered 10 tricks that could make using an Android device easier and more enjoyable. Since only a handful of devices currently run the latest Android operating system, known as Jelly Bean, I focused on features that work on the more prevalent version of Android known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Many of these tips work on devices that run Jelly Bean and some work on earlier versions of Android. Since there are so many Android phone models, names and wording may differ in some of these steps.Google你用手机摄制的任何照片或视频都可自动留存到Google+中一个取名为“即时上载”的私人(配置文件)文件夹中。前不久,我搜集了10个能让安卓设备用一起更为便捷、更为无聊的窍门。

由于只有少数一些设备运营被称作“Jelly Bean”的近期的安卓操作系统,因此我主要注目的是那些在更为少见的安卓版本──Ice Cream Sandwich──上能用的功能。其中许多技巧都可在运营Jelly Bean系统的设备上运用,有一些也限于于早版本的安卓。由于配备安卓系统的手机机型十分之多,其中一些操作步骤牵涉到的名称与众说纷纭可能会各有差异。


1. Easier Keyboarding1. 更加简单的键盘输入To avoid switching from Androids letter keyboard to its number and symbol keyboard, hold down the period key to see commonly used punctuation marks and symbols. Slide your finger to the menu that appears, lifting it to select the right key.为了免却从安卓的字母键盘转换到数字与符号键盘的困难,按下点号键之后可看到常用的标点与其他符号。将手指滑至经常出现的菜单上,然后抱住手指自由选择准确的键。

If you cant stand tapping on glass to type on a virtual keyboard, try not lifting your fingers as much. Many Android devices come preloaded with Swype, which lets you type by dragging your finger from one letter to the next; lift your finger up when the word ends. Its remarkably accurate. To see if Swype is running on your device, spell out a word without lifting your finger. If connecting lines dont appear between each letter, tap and hold the space bar to see the Select Input Method screen and choose Swype. You can still type the old way, tapping one key at a time.如果你不讨厌页面屏幕来在虚拟世界键盘上点字,那么你可以自由选择不要抱住手指。许多安卓设备出厂时都笔记本电脑了减速输入法Swype,通过它可以将手指在字母和字母之间滑动来点字,写完一个词后再行将手指抱住。


2. Unlock With Your Face2. 脸部辨识关卡Instead of tracing a pattern on a screen or typing in a PIN, hold your Android device up and stare into its front-facing camera for a second to unlock it. This isnt as secure as other methods and doesnt always work, but it can be fun to use. To set this up go to Settings, Security, Screen Lock and choose Face Unlock. Set a backup PIN or pattern to trace for those moments when face detection doesnt work.若要将安卓设备关卡,你不用在屏幕上滑动关卡图标或是输出个人识别码,只需把你的设备荐一起,然后盯住它的前置摄像头一秒钟时间。这个方法并不如其他方法那么保险,而且也不是仍然都简单,但是用一起倒是很有意思。若要设置这个功能,可选择“设置”-“安全性”-“屏幕关卡”,然后自由选择“脸部辨识关卡”。

你还可设置一个可用的个人识别码或是关卡图案以待脸部辨识不起作用之时用于。3. Screen Shots Made Simple3. 精彩截屏Capture a still image of any screen youre looking at by simultaneously pressing the power button and the volume down button. Find your screen shot in your Gallery under Screenshots or in the Notifications shade, which pulls down from the top of the screen. This feature only works in Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or later.同时按下电源按钮和音量减少键可撷取你正在观赏的任何屏幕的静态图片。你可在“截屏”目录下的“图库”或是“通报栏”(可把它从屏幕顶端纳下)中寻找你的截屏。该功能只限于于配备Ice Cream Sandwich或改版版本的安卓设备。

4. Manage Screens4. 管理屏幕In Android, app icons and widgets are organized on several Home screens. There are two ways to rearrange or remove these screens. One way on certain phones is to swipe from right to left to get to the last screen on your phone, tap at the bottom of that last screen (an option may say Manage Pages) and then touch and hold a screen to rearrange its order or remove it. For a shortcut, tap and hold the phones Home button for a second to jump directly to this.在安卓系统中,应用程序的图标与小工具都被排序在几个主屏上。重新排列或移除这些屏幕的方法有两种。其中一种可在某些手机上应用于的方法就是指右向左滑动屏幕以转到手机上的最后一个主屏,在这一屏幕的底端页面(这项操作者的另一个众说纷纭有可能是“管理页面”),然后触碰并按钮屏幕来重新安排其经常出现的顺序或把它移除。若要快捷操作者的话,页面并按钮手机的Home键一秒钟时间必要跳出这一步。

5. Shortcut to Contacts5. 快捷联系你的联系人Theres an easier way to get in touch with your favorite people: Pin their faces to a Home screen. Go to All Apps, Widgets, select the Contact widget, which will prompt you to choose a persons name from your contacts list. That persons photo and contact information will be pinned to Home, for faster texting, calling and social networking. A Favorite Contacts widget pins four together on the Home screen.与你的常用联系人联系有一种更加简单的方法:把他们的脸部照片“吊”在主屏上。自由选择“所有程序”-“工具”,然后自由选择“联系人”这一工具,它不会让你从联系人列表中自由选择某个人的姓名。



6. Save the Battery With a Widget6. 利用小工具节电Stop digging through menus to quickly turn off features that suck up your battery. One tool will do the trick: the Power Control widget. Find this by opening the All Apps page and tapping Widgets at the top. You may have to flip through a few screens to find the Power Control widget, but when you do, tap and hold it to anchor it on any of your pages. Once this bar is on a page, it will let you tap once to turn five features on or off: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, automatic account syncing (for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others) and screen brightness (low, medium, high or auto).不必细究菜单之后可很快重开那些花费电量的功能,有一个工具需要帮到你──“电量掌控”工具。要想要寻找这个工具,关上“所有程序”页面,然后页面顶端的“工具”。


7. Auto-Update Apps7. 自动升级软件Avoid the nagging update notices that appear in your drop-down Notifications shade and set your apps to automatically update as updates become available. If youre worried about conserving data, set this to update only over Wi-Fi. Open the Google Play store, Settings, Auto-Update Apps by Default and check the Wi-Fi option.这一设置可协助你避免在手机的下拉式通报栏中经常出现的无聊的改版通报,在有软件可改版时自动更新它们。如果你担忧留存数据的问题,可把它设置为只通过无线网络改版。关上“Google Play store”-“设置”-“配置文件自动更新软件”,然后勾选“无线网络”选项。8. Sync Photos and Videos on the Go8. 即时实时照片和视频If youve signed up for Googles social network, Google+, you can automatically save any photos or videos you capture on your device to a private (by default) folder in Google+ called Instant Upload. See these back at your desktop by accessing Google+ and looking at Photos, Instant Upload. (Videos are there, too.) Conserve data usage by adjusting when these photos and videos get uploaded, like only in Wi-Fi or only when the device is plugged in and charging. Adjust these settings from your mobile device in Google+, Settings, Instant Upload.如果你登记了谷歌的社交网络Google+,你用手机摄制的任何照片或视频都可自动留存到Google+中一个取名为“即时上载”的私人(配置文件)文件夹中。


若要在桌面网页这些内容,可采访Google+,查阅“照片”-“即时上载”(视频也留存在此处)。将这些照片和视频上载之后,可通过调整设置来留存数据流量,比如只通过无线网络或是当手机接上电源电池时落成。你可在手机上采访Google+ -“设置”-“即时上载”来调整这些设置。9. Smarter Web Browsing9. 更加智能的网页网页功能Googles Chrome browser comes preloaded on Android devices and works on PC or Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and other devices. If you own a few devices and use Chrome on each, instantly access the tabs you left open on one from another device by tapping Menu, Other Devices and tapping on an opened website in another devices list of opened tabs. Browse in Chrome without leaving any history by using Incognito Mode on your Android mobile device. Turn this on in Menu, New Incognito Tab.安卓设备笔记本电脑了谷歌的Chrome浏览器,它还可在PC电脑或Mac电脑、iPad、iPhone和其他设备上运营。

如果你享有好几部安卓设备,而且在每部设备上都用于Chrome浏览器,若要从另一部设备很快采访你在某部设备上关上着的标签页,可页面“菜单”-“其他设备”,然后在这部设备关上的标签页列表中页面一个关上的网站。你可在安卓移动设备上落成“无痕网页模式”,如此在Chrome浏览器上网页网页时之后会留给任何网页记录。自由选择“菜单”-“新建无痕网页标签”才可落成这个功能。10. Back Up and Restore Settings, Apps10. 备份与完全恢复设置和应用程序If youre upgrading from one Android device to another, you can start using your new device with your old settings and apps if you follow these steps.如果你新换了一部安卓设备,按照以下这些步骤展开设置,才可在新的设备上用于以往的旧设置和应用程序。

First, on the old device, go to Settings, Privacy Settings (for devices running Android version 2) or Settings, Backup and Reset (for devices running Android version 4 or 5). Place a check mark beside the Back Up My Data option. Give it a few minutes to back up and then when you start the new Android device, a setup option will let you restore settings and apps from backup.首先,在原有设备上自由选择“设备”-“隐私设置”(限于于配备安卓2.0版本的设备),你也可以转入“设置”-“备份与重置”(限于于配备安卓4.0或5.0版本的设备)。勾选“备份我的数据”选项,然后等候几分钟以让设备备份数据。